About Us
About PALS PALS is "Performing Artists Living Spiritually"

Founded in 2004 by Donna Theodore and Don Martin, it first aimed to serve the
performing arts community. The mission soon expanded to include all life paths,
because to enjoy a well-rounded life, we all tap in to those same Universal Principles
which spark creativity.

PALS programs are presented in a TV variety show format featuring live performances of pop music, theater sketches, comedy, current events, video clips, and inspirational messages drawn from daily life … the life we all share through enjoyment of the popular arts.

We are a non-denominational organization, affiliated with the
New Thought movement, and honor all paths to Spiritual Life.
Our purpose is to connect personally to the Universal Source through the inspirational qualities that the arts embody.

Contact PALS for booking information for your church,
convention or special event at:
(760) 834-8686 / info@PALScreative.org

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PALS Variety Performances
Don on creativity and PALS
Donna on Music and Metaphysics

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