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With A Song In My Heart / $20 each, shipping included

The predecessor to Donna´s latest book on finding your personal inspiration in popular music. The CD is packaged with a 16-page brochure with commentary on each song.

The theme of the album is life and how we live it. Song line-up includes two associated with Donna´s Broadway career: Freedom from Shenandoah, and Life Is from Zorba. Also: A New Life from Jekyll & Hyde, I Am What I Am from Cage aux Folles, Up Where We Belong, With A Song In My Heart and several more classics.

Musical accompaniment ranges from solo guitar and piano to full stage band to chamber orchestra.

Donna Sings for Her PALS / $35 for the set, shipping included

A compilation of musical performances recorded live at PALS programs over the
past 5 years. Though not studio recordings, Donna´s energy and musical focus shine
through in every song.

The 58 selections are divided into three CDs. Volume 1 presents Swingers; Volume 2
has Ballads & Blues; Volume 3 is dedicated to Inspiration and Self-Discovery.

Each song is a well-known popular classic ranging from Broadway favorites to Golden Era
standards to pop chart hits. Every one was chosen for its joyful orientation to life and how we live
it. (For complete song lists, request by email.) Musical accompaniment is primarily piano and guitar.

Judy Garland Tribute Concert / $20 each, shipping included

Who sang music with more joy and exuberance than Judy! And Donna equals the power and pathos of that legend. Not a Judy imitation, but a tribute to her artistry and the memorable songs she is associated with.

Selections include: The Trolley Song, The Man That Got Away, Come Rain or Come Shine, That’s Entertainment, Born In A Trunk, The Boy Next Door, San Francisco, C´mon Get Happy, Swanee, and a half-dozen more Garland classics.

Oh - did we forget to say, especially - Over The Rainbow!

This album boasts a full symphony orchestra backing Donna, and the audience roars its approval on every song. A must-have collectors item for all music lovers.

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